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Toca Life World: Build a Story


  • Can Toca Life World be played for free?
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    Toca Life World can be downloaded and played for free with limited content. Additional locations, characters, and items can be purchased within the app.
  • Is Toca Life World safe for children to play?
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    It is designed with children's safety in mind, including no in-game ads or unprotected external links. However, parents should supervise in-app purchases.
  • Can I play offline?
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    Yes, after downloading Toca Life World and any additional content, the game can be played offline without requiring an internet connection.
  • How do I save my progress?
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    Your progress in Toca Life World is automatically saved as you play. Make sure not to clear the app's data if you need to uninstall and reinstall it.
  • Are there educational benefits to playing?
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    Toca Life World encourages creativity, storytelling, and imagination. It can help develop cognitive skills and understanding of the world through open-ended play.
  • How do I get new items and locations?
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    New items and locations can be acquired through in-app purchases, which expand the game with more features for storytelling and exploration.