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Ultimate Custom Night


  • How is Ultimate Custom Night different from the other Five Nights at Freddy's games?
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    It provides an extensive customization system where players can set the difficulty for each animatronic, resulting in unique gameplay combinations and terrifying challenges.
  • Is there a story?
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    While the game focuses on the challenge and customization aspects, it includes nods to the overall series' lore for those interested in the backstory of Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Can I play on my console?
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    Ultimate Custom Night is available on several platforms, including PC and consoles. You can check digital storefronts compatible with your console for availability.
  • How many animatronics can I choose from in Ultimate Custom Night?
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    It boasts a roster of over 50 animatronic characters from throughout the series, offering a wide range of difficulty settings.
  • How does progression work in Ultimate Custom Night?
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    Progression is based on players setting higher difficulty levels for themselves and conquering the night with animatronics configured to be more challenging, thereby earning high scores.
  • What is the objective of Ultimate Custom Night?
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    The main goal is to survive the night shift by effectively managing power, using security cameras, and utilizing doors and vents to keep animatronics at bay, all while juggling the difficulty levels you've set for each character.