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  • Is Gacha Life suitable for all ages?
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    It is designed to be accessible to players of all ages, but interactions in the game and with the community should be monitored for younger players.
  • Can I play offline?
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    Yes, it can be played without an internet connection for most of its features, including character customization and the studio mode.
  • How do I collect more items and costumes?
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    Items and costumes can be collected through in-game currency, which you earn by playing mini-games and interacting with characters.
  • How do I save my progress?
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    Your progress is automatically saved in your device's local storage. Make sure not to clear the app data if you want to keep your progress.
  • Can I share my creations?
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    Yes, you can use the in-game studio mode to create scenes and then share these through various social media platforms or with friends.
  • Are there updates in Gacha Life?
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    The developers do release updates that may provide new content, bug fixes, or improvements to the game experience.
  • How do I report a bug?
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    Bugs can be reported through the support or contact section in the game or by reaching out to the developers' social media accounts or support email.