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  • What platforms is Cat Goes Fishing available on?
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    It can be played on a PC and is available through Steam. There is also a lite version of the game available for Android devices.
  • Are there objectives?
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    Yes, players can complete specific quests, such as catching certain fish or reaching various depths, to earn rewards and unlock new equipment for more challenging tasks.
  • Can I customize my gear in Cat Goes Fishing?
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    Absolutely. As players advance, they can purchase better rods, various lures, and hats that provide beneficial abilities, increasing the types of fish they can catch and making the gameplay more diverse.
  • Is Cat Goes Fishing suitable for all ages?
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    Yes, it is designed to be family-friendly and is suitable for players of all ages due to its simple mechanics, cute graphics, and a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Does Cat Goes Fishing have a multiplayer mode?
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    It is a single-player experience, focusing on a relaxing and personal gameplay session without competitive or cooperative multiplayer elements.
  • Is there a storyline?
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    The game doesn't have a traditional storyline but offers progression through challenges and quests as you improve your fishing skills and gear while exploring the waters.
  • Are there different levels?
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    The game has a progressively challenging gameplay loop rather than distinct levels. As players catch more valuable fish and earn money, they unlock new areas and tackle bigger fish.