Use Telegram Safely And Securely With These Top 5 Useful Tips

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 25 Dec 2022
Use Telegram Safely And Securely With These Top 5 Useful Tips Image

Telegram is a popular messaging and social networking app for Android and iOS devices. It has become an important tool for communication in many parts of the world due to its high levels of security, privacy, and reliability. However, Telegram is not without risks, so it's essential that users know how to use it safely. 

This article looks at 5 top tips that can help you stay secure while using Telegram. These tips can help you minimize your risk when using the platform and ensure your data remains private and secure. 

Tip 1: Use Secret Chats

Secret chats are end-to-end encrypted conversations between two people, meaning no one else can access them or read their contents. They are also self-destructive, which means they will be deleted after a set period of time, as defined by you both when setting up the chat session initially. This makes secret chats incredibly secure since there’s almost no possibility of anyone intercepting them or accessing them afterward unless someone had managed to take a screenshot before they were destroyed. 

Tip 2: Don’t Save Phone Contacts

When signing up for Telegram, do not allow it access to your contacts list on your device as this could give away personal information about yourself, such as numbers or addresses, which could then be used against you if someone gained access to those details from within Telegram itself. To avoid this, make sure that ‘save phone contacts’ is disabled in the app settings menu before proceeding any further with the registration process on Telegram.  

Tip 3: Create Strong Passwords

A strong password should contain at least 8 characters which include upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols alongside each other (i e !@#$%^&*). Avoid using words found in dictionaries because these are easier than most passwords hackers try first, so creating something unique will make it harder for someone else to guess it even if they manage to get into your account somehow through other means such as phishing scams, etc. 

Tip 4: Enable Two-Step Verification

By enabling two-step verification every time you log into Telegram, an additional code will need to be entered along with the username-password combination in order to gain access account once logged out again. This helps protect against any potential hacking attempts well, preventing unauthorized users from accessing our accounts even if they have successfully guessed the correct credentials during a login attempt. It also makes sure only approved individuals are allowed onto our devices whenever logging into their own profiles too. 

Tip 5: Be Careful With Links & Files

Always be careful when clicking links sent over through instant messaging services like a telegram. These links may lead malicious websites to download malware onto devices or, worse still, phishing sites to steal personal information and sensitive data without the user knowing until after the fact. Similarly, files downloaded via telegram must scan virus scanners to detect any malicious content before being opened. Just added level of safety precaution safeguards online identity reputation amongst peers, colleagues, friends family alike.


By following these simple yet effective tips, users should have no problem staying safe while using Telegram. Regardless of where to live, whether in a different country or the same continent, everyone must take the necessary precautions to prevent themselves from falling victim to cyber criminals.

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