PS5 Backward Compatibility: Everything you Need to Know

  • Oliver Michael
  • 01 Oct 2020
PS5 Backward Compatibility: Everything you Need to Know Image

Everything About PS5 Backward Compatibility

Will PS4 games work on PS5? This has been one of the biggest questions for the upcoming platform since PS4 hadn’t had a backward compatibility option for PS3 games. Technically, you could rebuy your old games on the PlayStation Store, but, hey, it was totally unfair not to let PS3 owners run their Blu-Rays on PS4, while Xbox One was endowed with this great feature from the start. At last, the situation is set to change with the new console. Sony confirmed backward compatibility but didn’t disclose the titles that would be supported on the new generation. 

Which Games Support The Feature Already?

Hopefully, all games from the 4000-title library will be available for us to play. According to the recent announcement, the company is testing all the available PS4 titles to ensure that there are no compatibility issues between the platforms. Still, there’s no information on which particular titles will be playable. 

The good news is that some of the confirmed titles will support a new Game Boost feature that will significantly improve framerate and, potentially, resolution. Sony is currently cooperating with game developers to bring the feature to life as soon as possible but keeps their names in secret. 

As for the classics from PS1, PS2, and PS3, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan confirmed that they wouldn’t support the feature. At the same time, there’s a probability that some of the PS4-ready classics from the store will achieve backward compatibility once again. 

Physical Backward Compatibility 

Things are quite simple here. You won’t be able to play physical copies of your games if you purchase PS5 Digital Edition as it comes without a built-in Blu-Ray drive. The standard PS5 is still equipped with a drive, so you will need to pay around $100 more for this opportunity. If the majority of your PS4 games are digital copies, you will be able to transfer them to both consoles.

However, it’s impossible to convert games on disks into digital ones. The reason isn’t clear enough, but Sony says ‘no.’ There’s also a probability that PS5 backward compatibility PS4 games will not include many of the titles that are not amongst chart-toppers in their categories. 

What About Accessories?

Fortunately for many of us, PS5 officially supports DualShock 4 controllers, a variety of licensed controllers by thrid-part manufacturers. PSVR Aim controllers, PS Move, various headsets, but restrictions will apply anyway. DualShock 4 will work only with those backward compatible games. PS5 games will require the abilities of the new DualSense controller. 

Sum Up 

Will PS5 play PS4 games? Fortunately, yes! But will it support all of our favorite PS4 games without issues? Arguably! For some reason, the company doesn’t want to make backward compatibility a killer offer as Microsoft does. It seems that Sony adds this feature to avoid more criticism and attract more players to the new generation. By the way, the final release date for PS5 is already confirmed. The console will be available on November 12. Are you ready with a pre-order? Join the chat in the comments!

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