Mastering Nectar Farming in Hades: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Oliver Michael
  • 21 May 2024
Mastering Nectar Farming in Hades: A Comprehensive Guide Image

Welcome to our guide on farming Nectar in Hades! If you're eager to strengthen your bonds with various characters and dive deeper into the rich narrative of the underworld, mastering the art of nectar farming is key. Nectar is a valuable resource in Hades, but it’s also quite rare. Efficiently gathering Nectar will allow you to gift it to characters, develop relationships, and unlock new storylines.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the most effective strategies step-by-step to ensure you maximize your Nectar haul during each run. Ready to get started?

Step 1: Prioritize Dionysus Boons

Equip the Overflowing Cup

The first smart move is to focus on Dionysus, the god of wine. His boon called "Premium Vintage" is your golden ticket to extra Nectar. Here's how to secure his blessings:

  • Equip the Overflowing Cup Keepsake: This significantly increases the chances of Dionysus appearing early in your run. The Keepsake is awarded after gifting Dionysus a Nectar.
  • Look for Premium Vintage Boon: This boon grants you Nectar when you pick up a Dionysus boon, and it also provides a health boost. Aim to obtain this boon as soon as possible to maximize the number of Nectars you can get.

Equip the Overflowing Cup

Synergize with Other Boons

  • Combine Boons Wisely: Pairing Dionysus’ boons with other Olympians can exponentially increase your survivability and efficiency, allowing you to reach more chambers and, therefore, find more Nectar.

Step 2: Efficient Fishing in Elysium

Unlock the Rod of Fishing

Fishing is another excellent way to farm Nectar, especially when done in Elysium. Here’s how to make the most of this strategy:

  • Purchase the Rod of Fishing: Unlock this upgrade from the House Contractor as soon as possible. It enables you to catch fish throughout the underworld.
  • Focus on Elysium: The key is to fish primarily in Elysium. Fish caught here often reward Nectar when traded with the Head Chef in the House of Hades.

Master the Fishing Mini-Game

  • Timing is Everything: Pay close attention and time your button press perfectly to catch rarer fish, increasing your chances of receiving Nectar.

Step 3: Optimize Chamber Rewards

Manage Mirror of the Night Upgrades

The Mirror of the Night is another tool you can use to adjust the frequency and quality of your chamber rewards. Fine-tuning these upgrades can help you farm Nectar more efficiently:

Optimize Chamber Rewards

  • Upgrade Fated Authority: Increase this as much as possible. Fated Authority allows you to re-roll your chamber rewards, giving you another chance to turn a basic reward into Nectar.
  • Deactivate Dark Foresight: Dark Foresight amplifies the chance for more blue laurel rewards, such as Darkness or Gemstones, which you might not need if you’re focusing on Nectar. Turning it off can help streamline this process.

Explore Chaos Gates

  • Look for Chaos Gates: Accepting a boon from Chaos that enhances your chance of receiving rewards can be a game-changer. Some of these rewards might turn into Nectar.

Step 4: Raiding Wells of Charon

Regularly Check Wells

During your runs, don't overlook the Wells of Charon:

  • Frequent Purchases: Check these wells often. Nectar can sometimes be bought here, significantly boosting your Nectar count with relatively low effort.
  • Save Obols: Make sure to save enough Obols (the in-game currency) to purchase Nectar whenever it appears in these wells.

Invest in Boon Enhancements

  • Spend Wisely: Occasionally, Wells of Charon will offer boon enhancements that can help you sustain longer runs, indirectly boosting your chances of finding more Nectar.

Step 5: Utilize the Wretched Broker

Trade Smart

If you’re finding it hard to secure enough Nectar through other means, the Wretched Broker in the House of Hades offers trades:

  • Exchange Darkness or Gemstones: Focus on farming Darkness or Gemstones during your runs, as these resources are more abundant and can be traded for Nectar.

Focus on Side Quests and Favors

Keep an Eye on Rotating Specials

  • Trader Specials: The Broker’s trade options rotate, so check back often. Occasionally, there are highly favorable trades that offer Nectar for a lower cost in other resources.

Step 6: Focus on Side Quests and Favors

Character-Specific Quests

Completing specific quests or favors for the other characters can also yield Nectar as a reward:

  • Fulfill Requests: Pay attention to the dialogue and in-game quests. Characters like Dusa or special favors from Olympian gods can sometimes grant Nectar upon completion.

Maximize Story Progression

  • Building Relationships: Strengthening your relationship with certain characters can sometimes result in gifts of Nectar as you advance their storylines and complete their requests.

Conclusion: Be Persistent and Strategic

Farming Nectar in Hades requires perseverance and smart strategy. By focusing on powerful boons like Dionysus’ Premium Vintage, mastering fishing in Elysium, appropriately upgrading the Mirror of the Night, raiding Wells of Charon, and using the Wretched Broker, you can drastically improve your Nectar yields. Each run offers a fresh set of opportunities, so keep refining your approach based on what works best for you.

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