Master the Cosmos in Starfield: Your Ultimate Guide to Planetary Exploration

  • Oliver Michael
  • 02 Sep 2023
Master the Cosmos in Starfield: Your Ultimate Guide to Planetary Exploration Image

A fresh adventure awaits in every corner of the Starfield universe, and each planet represents a unique challenge to conquer. This comprehensive guide will aid you in plotting your course and making a flawless landing on exciting alien landscapes. We'll break everything down into simple steps, and before you know it, celestial navigation will be second nature.

Plotting Your Course: Aiming for the Stars

Plotting Your Course Aiming for the Stars

Every fascinating journey in Starfield begins with setting the course. Planetary travel is at the heart of your explorations in Starfield, and mastering this crucial skill will propel you confidently toward uncharted worlds.

The first thing to remember is that to land on a planet, your spaceship must be in its orbit. If you're too far, let's get you prepped on how to set your trajectory. Here's the drill:

  1. Aboard the Frontier, your space vessel, navigate to your Starmap. Access to the Starmap is available from the Navigation Console, the Pause Menu, or by selecting 'Set Course' from your cockpit.
  2. In the Starmap, move your cursor to hover over your desired destination.
  3. Choose the 'Set Course' option and confirm your selection.
  4. Press and hold the 'Travel' button until your ship begins its interstellar voyage.

And voila! You've successfully set your course, and you're headed toward your next exhilarating adventure.

Land Like a Pro: Touching Down on Alien Soil

Now that you're orbiting your destination, it's time for the next exciting step - making a controlled landing. Relax, we've got your back! Follow these steps to get your boots on the ground smoothly:

  1. Open your Starmap again and zoom in on the chosen planet.
  2. Move the cursor to the spot where you wish to land and set your landing target.
  3. If you're satisfied with the location, press and hold the 'Land' button until your spacecraft commences its descent.

Land Like a Pro Touching Down on Alien Soil

While planets come with recommended landing sites, your exploratory instincts may lead you to land elsewhere - an unexplored and potentially resource-rich region, perhaps?

Reap the Rich Bounty of Planetary Exploration

Every planet you land on is teeming with resources to amass and unknown locations to visit. Fully explore every nook and cranny of a planet, and you're rewarded with a survey data disk, which you can sell for high value. Therefore, the more meticulously you explore, the more riches you accrue.

From orbit to landing, we've covered your journey into Starfield planet exploration. The vast cosmos is now your playground, and every planet is your dazzling new arena. So, plot your course, make your landing, and unearth the wonders hidden in alien landscapes.

Remember, you're a celestial explorer, your journey is epic, and this cosmic playground is yours to shape and conquer!

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