Create Your Biomutant Character: What Choices You Should Make

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 29 May 2021
Create Your Biomutant Character: What Choices You Should Make Image

In the RPG world, Biomutant certainly offers an interesting approach to characters. Before you start playing the game and you can find out any peculiarities, you have to make decisions regarding your character. You have to choose things like its special qualities, class, and more. 

This can make the game both exciting and quite frustrating, as you can choose qualities that will be completely useless. If you want to know more about character design, this article is for you.

Choosing Your Breed and Genetic Code

In the Biomutant world, you are presented with 6 breeds from which you can choose. They include rex, fip, hyla, primal, murgel, and dumdon. While each breed differs from one another in terms of their power, the difference is quite negligible. You can choose either one and pay more attention to the genetic code.

An interesting thing about Biomutant is how much control you have over the so-called genetic code of your character. You can move a cursor on different skills and thus decide how much you want to add. Obviously, there will be a certain compensation, as you cannot have it all. The skills that you choose will also affect how your character looks.

The qualities that you can choose include the following:

Strength – increases your melee damage;

• Vitality – gives you more armor and health;

• Agility – allows you to move around faster;

• Luck – cannot be changed, but it controls your chances of finding better loot or making better hits;

• Charisma – makes it easier to persuade characters in the game;

• Intellect – increases your stamina and also controls your powers.

One thing to note is that you will be able to improve your qualities every time you level up in the game. You will get a bonus, and you can increase a certain skill that you think is lacking. It is better to start with a character that has slightly more strength or intellect when you are just beginning to play.

What is up With the Classes?

Biomutant gameplay

The Biomutant game comes with 5 classes. This category determines any gear you start with, some peculiarities, and also skills. They include such:

• Psi-Freak – you get a pistol and magic powers, such as the spark ball ability;

• Dead-Eye – you have a two-handed sword, a pistol, and the ability to instantly reload your weapons;

• Saboteur – you will have two single-handed blades, a pistol, and better speed;

• Commando – you will get a rifle, a single-handed weapon, and increased melee damage;

• Sentinel – you have a two-handed weapon, a pistol, and 10 points to your armor.

Is Elemental Resistance Important?

There are areas in the game known for their extreme conditions. You can run into a zone that will be biohazard, hot, cold, or radioactive. If you don’t have proper resistance, you will lose your health the longer you stay there. 

When creating your character, you can choose a certain resistance but only up to 24 percent. A good strategy is to choose radioactive zones because they are more prevalent at the beginning of the game.

Have you already tried playing Biomutant? Which characteristics have you chosen? Share your gaming experience in the comments and send this article to those who may want to play this game.

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