YouTube TV Offers a $10 Discount for New Subscribers

  • Lisa Taff
  • 26 Jan 2022
YouTube TV Offers a $10 Discount for New Subscribers Image

The long-awaited season of the Super Bowl is approaching, and it's the perfect time for bonuses from YouTube TV. This streaming service becomes more affordable with a $10 discount offer for new subscribers. At this time, new subscribers have the opportunity to receive this special offer.

Don’t Miss a Special Offer
For three months in a row, new subscribers can spend $54.99 instead of the usual $64.99. If you calculate the total amount, the user will pay $165 for 3 months of the subscription, which is clearly less than the previous offer, which was $195. The subscription is still quite expensive, but for many, this discount can be a reason to buy a service that they had thought about for quite some time.

The app has the usual YouTube design and allows you to find the right channels using research options. Moreover, YouTube TV provides access to about 85 main channels like Comedy Central, FOX, CNN, and a variety of others, among which anyone will find something to their taste. You can also create up to six accounts and cancel them at any time.

Amazon Brings More Bonuses
You can also buy Apple’s AirPods Max high-quality headphones for the total amount of $449 at a discount of $20 from the original price. Headphones within the sky blue colorway are available from Amazon. In addition to this, you have the best Android mobile phone on the market at a $150 discount. Amazon is promoting the Samsung Galaxy S21 for only $1049.99, which is the lowest price on the market today.

All these offers are limited in time, so you should not hesitate to buy a desired service or device. Have you considered purchasing YouTube TV? Do you find this offer profitable? You can leave your comments below and don’t forget to share this topic with friends and family!

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