YouTube TV Now Supports Sorting Channels by Watching Time

  • Oliver Michael
  • 18 Jan 2022
YouTube TV Now Supports Sorting Channels by Watching Time Image

Frequent YouTube TV watchers may now find a new useful feature in their channel guide. Along with other options of sorting channels, now the app has the “Most Watched” option. Thus, reaching the channels you view the most frequently becomes easier in the app. This minor update may signify a major improvement in usability.

Previously, you could arrange the channels manually, excluding some of them and rearranging the rest in any order you like. Great but takes time; in addition, channels change with time. Another option was trusting Google with sorting them; maybe it’s fun, but its recommendations may fail. Finally, you could sort your channels alphabetically, from A to Z and vice versa. Formally okay, in practice your preferences almost never match the alphabet.

If you watch YouTube TV via a mobile app, you can change the sorting by tapping the “live” button and then choosing “Sort” in the upper right corner. There you can choose one of the available modes or rearrange the list for your manual mode.

It takes some time for the app to detect which channels you view the most; though, if you have been watching YouTube TV, you have generated enough stats to form your preferences’ top list. New subscribers may get their recommendations according to their YouTube history.

So far, YouTube Live TV is one of the most popular streaming live TV services online, along with Hulu Live TV. Though the latter is more expensive, it also offers content by Disney+ and ESPN+ (which YouTube TV subscription does not include). Still, YouTube has numerous partners plus a huge library of its own content.

Are you a YouTube TV subscriber? Where do you prefer to watch it and on which device? And, of course, which are your favorite channels, and do you like the idea of sorting the channels by how frequently you watch them? Let’s have a discussion here, so leave us a comment during the ads!

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