YouTube Music Web Lets You Switch to Video from Now Playing

  • Oliver Michael
  • 07 Mar 2022
YouTube Music Web Lets You Switch to Video from Now Playing Image

If you use your YouTube Music from a web browser, the little new switch added recently enables you to easily switch from music only to video. With it, you can see the live performance or the clip instead of simply listening to the song. This switch is here to keep the two YouTube services connected.

 As you launch the web interface at, you proceed to the playlist menu where you can select the song. In the player, just above the cover art, you will see the switcher where you can choose between “Song” and “Video” modes. You need just to click or tap it to switch to video or audio-only.

 Switching is instant and happens seamlessly. The progress of the track is preserved, and the video turns on or off just at the moment you switch. The version of the track should match in both versions, and if it doesn’t, the switch just turns gray.

 Of course, this feature only makes sense when the video exists. And not only as an audio track with a static image upon it but as a live recording or a video clip. With this switch, you can turn the video on and off even in live recordings that have no official audio, to save data when it’s playing in the background and save your time when you want your music in video mode.

 The feature is to be rolled out widely these days. Not all the users will receive it at the same time, but, given that it’s the web version, it’s a matter of days. Some lucky few have already been enjoying it for some time, and now it’s time for everyone to join in. Hardly will it be a killer feature that will make you ditch Spotify or Deezer, but it’s a pleasant little bonus.

 Do you often use YouTube Music with a browser on your computer? Is it running in the background well? What do you think about this audio/video switch? Will it help you take a break during work? In the comments, you can tell us what you think.

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