YouTube Explains Recommendations to Help Creators Improve

  • Oliver Michael
  • 23 Mar 2022
YouTube Explains Recommendations to Help Creators Improve Image

If you are a YouTube creator, you are always looking for ways to maximize your channel performance. Now this will become significantly easier due to the recent Q&A about the platform’s recommendations algorithms by Rachel Alves, who works on their development. The new video guide is available on the official Creator Insider channel.


Here’s a quick summary of the questions covered in the video:

  • What’s the most optimal posting strategy? – Alves explains that YouTube doesn’t optimize recommendations based on a channel posting schedule and posting frequency, so there’s no need to change your current posting schedule. However, the more videos from your channel are viewed by a user and the regularity of views will affect recommendations. It means that the best strategy is to focus on developing long-term schedules and improving content quality. 
  • Is it a bad idea to make videos based on trending searches? – There’s obviously a higher competition and demand in trending searches. Alves recommends going for trending searches if you are sure that you have a unique take on a trending subject to meet user expectations and compete with trending videos published earlier. However, the users attracted by trendy topics are less likely to become active subscribers and discover other topics on your channel.
  • Can topic testing hurt a channel? – From the algorithmic point of view, topic experiments shouldn’t affect channel performance. Still, such actions can negatively affect user retention rates. This being said, it’s better to create split channels for contrasting topics. 
  • Does deleting negative comments influence performance? – The more comments you have, the higher your channel’s reach is. However, deleting a certain percentage of problematic comments won’t notably change channel performance. 

Easy Now?

Do you find the info from the guide useful for your YouTube content strategy? What are the best tips? Can you suggest anything else? Join the thread in the comments and share this guide with fellow creators. 

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