Your KFC Order Can Be Delivered on Batmobile

  • Oliver Michael
  • 06 Oct 2021
Your KFC Order Can Be Delivered on Batmobile Image

During the pandemic, lots of food and products delivery services appeared. Each of them strives to come up with something special to grab the attention of customers. Farthest went the American Uber Eats, which has existed since 2014. Their fleet has a huge variety of vehicles. Now it includes the Batmobile, the Echto-1 from the popular "Ghostbusters" movie, and the Aston Martin DB5, which James Bond drove.

Last week, company representatives announced a limited-time promotion. As part of it, food delivery will be carried out by retro cars. It was done in honor of the release of the new KFC Zinger Popcorn Bucket. In order for the Batmobile or other popular vehicle to drive up to your house, you need to order this particular item from the menu.

The company conducted a small survey in the UK to determine what kind of cars users like. The first place was definitely taken by the automobile of the most famous spy James Bond. It was followed by the DeLorean from the "Back to the Future" movie. The car from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" rounded out the top three.

Of course, in the films, the drivers of almost every listed vehicle violated the traffic rules in one way or another, drove in opposite lanes, and created emergencies. Uber Eats representatives assured that as spectacular as it all may be, their employees will behave properly on the roads. However, it doesn't stop them from looking cool anyway.

Jokes have already appeared on the network that now is such a difficult time that even Batman has to earn extra money delivering food during the day while fighting crime at night. How do you feel about such a promotion? Would you like to see the Batmobile near your house? Or do you prefer contactless delivery and don't care what a courier drives? Tell us, what car would you add to this list?

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