Xbox Update With 4K Dashboard and Other Features

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 27 Oct 2021
Xbox Update With 4K Dashboard and Other Features Image

Microsoft recently unveiled a fresh Xbox update that will delight all console owners. The company has worked to improve the user experience by adding support for the 4K dashboard and a number of other new accessibility features. Here's why it is a really significant improvement.

The first and foremost thing to look out for is the 4K dashboard. Whereas in the past, for TVs that supported such high picture quality, AI had to upscale images from 1080p; now, it is no longer necessary. All icons are very clearly visible, and texts are easy to read. If you compare the screenshots before and after the update, the difference is noticeable. Though, this improvement does not affect the Series S consoles. It is not yet known when it will reach this model.

All other innovations within the framework of the October update apply to the entire Series X/S. The developers have added a night mode that allows you not only to control the brightness of a display but also to adjust the level of blue color. It is convenient if you work in the dark or if your eyes are sensitive. You can also set up a schedule according to which this mode will be activated automatically. At the same time, the new settings do not affect screenshots or videos that you take from a screen.

Along with it, it became possible to adjust the backlighting of the controller and the console itself. Also, the developers have added quick access to the settings when you press the Xbox button on your controller. Users will now be able to enable or disable functions within seconds without leaving games. This option will appeal to those who often play with other users on the same device. You can quickly adjust the settings to suit everyone.

Have you already appreciated the benefits of this Xbox update? What else would you improve on this console?

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