Xbox App for Windows 10 Delivers Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC

  • Oliver Michael
  • 09 Aug 2021
Xbox App for Windows 10 Delivers Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC Image

Microsoft seems to be one of the latecomers in cloud gaming. Google, Nvidia, Sony, Amazon, and others have it already working, but Microsoft – better safe than sorry – only launches a limited beta testing of the Xbox cloud gaming. It will require nothing but the already familiar Xbox app and a gamepad.

So far, the access does not require a special subscription. If you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, that already includes access to beta testing and the games available. You also need to be a resident of one of the countries where the program unfolds, including the USA, Canada, and 20 more countries. Gradually it may start worldwide.

More than 100 games are already available at the start, and the number will gradually increase. Some games will come and go, while others will remain available. The entire roster includes Microsoft Flight Simulator, Dirt series, A Plague Tale: Innocence, ARK: Survival Evolved, and other titles. Cloud technologies allow players to enjoy even Xbox exclusives on any device they choose, making Xbox a service rather than a device.

As for the hardware you need, its performance is not that important. You need a computer (a desktop or a laptop) able to run Windows 10, an Internet connection fast enough, and a Bluetooth or USB gamepad. You better choose an original Xbox controller or one from the approved list. Microsoft admits, though, that some gamepads that are not listed can nevertheless work well with Xbox cloud gaming.

The service is also compatible with Android and iOS devices (the latest generations of iPhone and iPad). Though on these, you can use onscreen controls, you can also connect a wireless gamepad. An original Xbox controller will be a versatile solution, though iDevices also support DualShock and DualSense by Sony.

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