WordPress Introduces AI Assistant for Content Creators

  • Oliver Michael
  • 08 Jun 2023
WordPress Introduces AI Assistant for Content Creators Image

Automattic, the driving force behind WordPress.com, has recently launched an AI-powered assistant for one of the most popular content management systems in the world. This new tool goes beyond simple grammar and style suggestions, allowing users to adjust the tone of their posts and even generate summaries and titles.

The AI assistant can help writers to fine-tune their articles by offering various tonality options, such as making their posts more informal, skeptical, humorous, confident, or empathetic. With support for 12 languages, content creators can also benefit from translations into Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, and Hindi, among others. This feature is especially useful for those with a global audience who seek to cater to diverse language requirements.

In order to access this innovative functionality, users need to add a Jetpack AI Assistant block within WordPress. As an introductory offer, Automattic is providing 20 free requests as a trial for users to get acquainted with the service. After this trial period has been exhausted, they will need to subscribe at a cost of $10 per month to continue using the feature.

With this novel AI assistant, WordPress aims not only to improve the overall quality of content across its platform but also make it faster and more convenient for creators to publish impactful articles that resonate with various audiences. Moreover, offering multilingual capabilities adds a significant advantage in today's globalized market, where reaching readers in different languages can vastly expand one's readership.

In conclusion, Automattic's introduction of an AI-powered writing assistant marks a major enhancement in the capabilities offered by WordPress as a content management system. As content creators continue striving for higher quality and wider reach in their work and online presence grows increasingly essential across industries worldwide, tools like this are sure to become indispensable assets going forward.

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