Why Google Nest’s White Noise Sound Is Hated Like No Other Noise

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 20 Jan 2022
Why Google Nest’s White Noise Sound Is Hated Like No Other Noise Image

One of the greatest features of Google Nest (especially for those experiencing trouble with falling asleep) has always been its white noise mode. But the change made to it recently made many Nest owners angry. The best intention was, in fact, the way to the hell of insomnia, and now users wait for any reaction from Google.

The original white noise sound by Google was one of the most demanded sounds that it could produce in the ambient mode. Not only was it great for falling asleep to, but also as the best background sound for studying, writing, or doing any creative work. It was. Until someone at Google noticed that the version of it was looped rather roughly (which was true, but no one cared).

The new version of that white noise ends almost the way it begins, so it can be looped quite tidily. But that’s the only good thing to be said about it. The rest, as users notice, got much worse. Children are especially sensitive to it, many unable to fall asleep at all to the new version.

The complaints are surprisingly different, though. Some say the new noise got quieter and requires a higher overall level. Others say it’s equalized wrongly, so its muffled sound makes you think something’s wrong with the speaker. Finally, some just find the new version of white noise “frightening”. Not the best soundtrack for falling asleep!

Google has not responded to the many requests to do something, let alone actually do. In the meantime, some users are already recovering the original white noise sounds and preparing them for reuploading. Now you can download it from Google Drive. So, with a little effort, users can enjoy their favorite random white noise again.

If you had a chance to compare, do you agree that the old white noise was way better? And what can you tell us about your experience with Google Nest in general? Share your impressions with us in the comments!

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