WhatsApp Adds New Video Interface, Works on Old Chat Feature

  • Oliver Michael
  • 02 Nov 2021
WhatsApp Adds New Video Interface, Works on Old Chat Feature Image

Back in 2017, WhatsApp released a ‘Delete for Everyone’ chat feature that allowed you to delete a message for all users in the dialog. The company plans to lift the time limit for deleting messages from chat rooms. It also became known that users will be able to delete messages sent about three months ago. This can potentially heavily impact WhatsApp users.

Another report states that Meta is ready to provide a new interface for iOS devices for shared video from other social networks. Now watching videos on WhatsApp will become more pleasing, and users will be able to watch clips without leaving the messenger due to poor playback interface.

Old Function Awaits Updating

The 'Delete for Everyone' feature was originally limited to 7 seconds, but after a few months, the time increased to an hour. But with the coming update, you would not have to worry about time limits anymore. This feature not only removes a message from your side. It completely erases it from dialogue history for your interlocutor or a group of interlocutors. After remoting the message, a notification will pop up that the message has been deleted.
The developers are still working on this feature, so the final version may differ.

Latest Updates

If the future update is not clear, the overhand features already released can please many app users. According to a recent WhatsApp post from Twitter, new features allow editing photos and adding links for preview and brand new stickers. All these functions change the usual way of communicating in a chat.

For users of iOS devices, WhatsApp introduced an updated interface for video playback. Now the video in full-screen mode can be played, suspended, and more. According to WABetaInfo, beta iOS testers are testing the new features at the moment. What do you think about these reports and the upcoming update? Feel free to leave your comments below and share the article if you liked it!

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