Unity Technologies Make Its Biggest Acquisition

  • Oliver Michael
  • 16 Aug 2021
Unity Technologies Make Its Biggest Acquisition Image

Unity Technologies, a popular game engine maker, acquires Parsec, a high-performance remote access software developer, for $320 million. The company has existed since 2004, and it is the largest acquisition in its history. Using Parsec will greatly expand the capabilities of remote game development.

In the current environment of the ongoing pandemic, companies and their employees are forced to adapt and remain flexible in terms of choosing work models. Parsec functionality fully meets the current requirements. If earlier the app was used to share those games where cross-platform multiplayer was not provided, now its application has become much wider.

Developers and other creators can work remotely while still having access to high-performance production machines. It will allow them to maintain the work pace regardless of location, platform, and device used. Parsec guarantees high-definition streaming and rich picture detail with extremely low latency. Pros can broadcast the screen image to several devices at once.

You can install Parsec on almost any existing operating system. There is both a free app version and several editions for professionals with advanced functionality. It has tools for management, invoicing, and other team and enterprise needs. As recently announced by the company representatives on official Twitter, the deal with Unity will not affect the app in any way, and the free version will remain available to all users.

Big game developers like EA and Activision-Blizzard already use Parsec for quality work with remote employees. Unity Technologies plans to add the app functionality directly to its engine. So all the features described will become available to those companies that use Unity for their projects. Marc Whitten, a Senior Vice President, said the plan is to allow game design professionals to work together from anywhere.

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