Uber Eats Rolled Out New ‘Babies and Kids’ Category

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 04 Nov 2021
Uber Eats Rolled Out New ‘Babies and Kids’ Category Image

Uber Eats now has a new category for parents who urgently need diapers and thermometers for their babies. The ‘Babies and Kids’ category is available from November 1 and is one of the latest innovations in a series of brand-new verticals. Delivery became a particularly relevant service during the pandemic, so Uber strives to reach as many consumer areas as possible.

What Is This New Category For?

The delivery company collaborates with well-known brands, such as Bed Bath & Beyond Inc., buybuy BABY, and narrow-minded brands like Yumi. This option can be in great demand, as more than 20,000 searches for children’s goods were made from June to August, according to Beryl Sanders — the head of Uber Eats partnership for new verticals.

Uber Eats did not publicize the amount of money they invested in the new category, but they mentioned one interesting thing. The company donated $200,000 to the Baby2Baby brand, which provides low-income families with necessities for children.

In this category, Uber has competitors in the form of Amazon and other well-known shipping services. Conz Preti, the editor of the news website Insider, expressed her doubts about the relevance of delivery to parents as it may be more expensive than other delivery types. But the speaker for Uber claims that delivery will be the same as for restaurants, namely between $1 and $5. 

Uber Eats Broadens Horizons

Beryl Sanders stated that Uber Eats could offer faster service than its competitors. However, the company is not aiming to have the main focus on this sphere. He also said that the future categories would focus on the product needs of consumers. In 2022, we can expect useful innovations.

According to the company, many parents confirm that the need for such products is often acute. What are your thoughts on the new shipping category? Feel free to leave your comment below, and don’t forget to share the article if you liked it!

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