Twitter Will Now Offer More Control Options over the Feed and New Labels

  • Oliver Michael
  • 18 Sep 2022
Twitter Will Now Offer More Control Options over the Feed and New Labels Image

If you are an active Twitter user, you know that having more control over tweets that you see is important. Twitter began testing another feature that will allow you to choose between the latest tweets from the people that you follow and those defined by the algorithm.

By going to the timeline settings, you will now be able to decide what tweets to prioritize. You can put a tick next to ‘For You’ to see recommended tweets or you can choose ‘Latest’ to view tweets from accounts that you follow. This update is the latest one in a wide range of changes introduced by Twitter to provide users with more opportunities to control their experience on the platform.

For instance, last year Twitter introduced the following features to the app and web version:

  • The feature to delete yourself from a conversation
  • Reply controls, so you can decide who can respond to your tweets
  • Reply filters that allow you to block replies if people use specific words in them
  • Private group chats called Circles
  • Pinned replies
  • Collaborative tweets, and more

The introduction of these features can significantly affect the experience for users on the platform. More people choose to share tweets privately and also go for smaller groups so there is no longer a need to have public conversations for everyone to see. This is quite a serious change since Twitter has been a public platform since its first days.

It is obvious that Twitter is introducing more opportunities for people to have a customized and more private experience on the social media platform. Even though the change is not that drastic, you will now have more tools to manage what you see on Twitter.

Do you use Twitter? What do you think about these new features? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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