Twitter to Introduce a New Interactive Ad Policy

  • Oliver Michael
  • 06 Apr 2022
Twitter to Introduce a New Interactive Ad Policy Image

Social media are recently all about making ads more relevant, and Twitter is no exception. Its recent experiments with ads show that it makes new efforts to become a more attractive platform for advertisers. As for readers, they may find new ads more useful, but they certainly will find them more ubiquitous and even annoying.

The three new types of ads introduced by Twitter are all innovative for this social media. The first of them is called “Interactive Text Ads”. To prevent users from confusing these with your regular tweets, these are displayed in a larger typeface, and the keywords are highlighted. These ads are also marked as “Promoted”, and the advertiser’s account is displayed as usual. In addition, the advertiser will be able to select which color to use for highlighting the keywords.

The second type of innovative ads is “Product Explorer Ads”, probably the boldest of them. These contain images of the advertised products in 3D. So, you will be able to see what the product looks like from any perspective without any need to leave Twitter and visit the vendor’s site. The images can be swiped and rotated right within the ad.

Finally, the third type is named “Collected Ads”. Within such an ad, the advertiser can show an entire gallery of products, and the user can browse through this gallery with swipes. Below the primary image, this type of ad shows up to five thumbnails below, so you can tap them or swipe the main image left or right. The most interesting thing is that each of these images can contain a different link, so the customer who decides to follow the link is redirected to the product’s page, not the vendor’s.

With these new advertising abilities, Twitter may increase its revenue. As for user experience, it may be harder to get through these ads to read the tweets you’re here for. But, at least, these ads won’t be dull. And what do you expect from it? Tell your hopes and fears in the comments!

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