Twitter Now Allows Third-Party Signup & Login

  • Oliver Michael
  • 07 Aug 2021
Twitter Now Allows Third-Party Signup & Login Image

Twitter is introducing two extra ways for users to sign in to their accounts. Starting on August 2nd, Google and Apple users are granted new sign-in options to Twitter. So, are you curious about the alternative ways to get into your tweets without the need to remember yet another password? Find more details on this tiny-but-mighty news below.

Now, you can log in to both the Twitter application and website via your existing Google account. With regard to your Apple ID, so far, you can only use it to log in to the Twitter app. Don’t let this minor limitation upset you, though, for according to Twitter, the possibility to log in to the site on the web using your Apple ID will become available very soon. Another perk is that you can now utilize either your Google or Apple account to sign up to Twitter.

Yep, the team behind Twitter seems to be keeping all busy these days with ensuring that their platform is as appealing and convenient to its users as possible. Furthermore, the social media platform has also initiated collaboration with such news agencies as The Associated Press (AP) and Reuters to prevent misinformation that is said to have been long going around the app. It’s good to know that the company is seriously focused on providing their users with reliable information only.

With regard to the aforementioned third-party login and signup support update, it is rather minor, but it’s sure to boost your tweeting experience (and attract more Twitter users, for that was the plan, too). So, what do you think about the whole thing? Will you be using the new ways to get in your tweets on a regular basis? What’s your relationship with Twitter these days, by the way? Let it all out in the comments box below, we’ll be happy to read your thoughts on the topic. Bookmark our website to always stay updated on the tech news. See ya in the next post!

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