Tiktok Started Testing Paid Subscriptions After Instagram

  • Oliver Michael
  • 24 Jan 2022
Tiktok Started Testing Paid Subscriptions After Instagram Image

Instagram, which has recently overtaken TikTok in the number of installs overall worldwide in the last quarter of the year, started testing paid subscriptions for its users. Following the example of Instagram, TikTok has begun testing paid subscriptions for its users, which will allow creators to post their content with exclusive access.

Tiktok vs Instagram
The Information has reported that a paid TikTok subscription is already in development. Unfortunately, TikTok did not mention how many creators have access to the new subscription function, how much the subscription will cost, and whether there will be additional charges on the creators' revenues. According to a company statement, this step is aimed at finding new opportunities to improve the experience on the platform of their community.

Instagram, for its part, has begun a testing process with a small group of 10 authors with plans to expand their number soon. Now that Instagram is testing subscriptions, they allow creators to grant exclusive access to content such as Instagram Live videos and stories to anyone who purchases a monthly subscription.

How Will the Subscription Work?
Most likely, TikTok will promote its creators with paid content available to other users through the 'For you' page. This page allows creators to contact users and find new subscribers. In this way, users will have the opportunity to find creators with appealing content that selects and displays the algorithm depending on the history of the views and on a variety of other criteria.

Even if paid content will not be displayed on For You page, creators can separate free content from paid content for their users. However, the details are still unknown, so it remains to wait for new information from TikTok. Do you have any thoughts on this topic? Feel free to leave them below and share this article with friends!

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