The Sims 5: What We Know and What to Expect

  • Oliver Michael
  • 18 Jul 2021
The Sims 5: What We Know and What to Expect Image

What do you think about The Sims 5? The next installment of the popular life-simulation game has been rumored to be in development, and fans are eager to find out what is coming.

Six years ago, The Sims 4 was initially released, and thanks to the expansions and stuff packs and mods, the game is still very much a masterpiece. Still, with the rumors of the development of the new generation of The Sims, fans are curious about what Maxis and EA have up their sleeves.

No official announcements have been made about The Sims 5. Still, developers have teased that the new generation franchise will focus on social and online elements with cloud-based and multiplayer element features.

It may be safe to say that official announcements have not been made because the game is still in the conceptual stage, so development may still be a long way off.

Sims gameplay

There has typically been a long gap between previous The Sims editions, with The Sims 3 released in 2009 and The Sims 4 released in 2014, making it the longest we have gone without a new release.

The Sims 4 is still going through its life cycle, especially with the expansion pack's release in July 2021. A few more content packs may still be released this year, but we hope that 2021 will be the year we will have a concrete update about The Sims 5.

Whatever we know about The Sims 5 is still speculation. Regarding gameplay, we should probably expect something similar to the previous The Sims iterations to a large extent with daily needs and shifting emotions to complete and keep in check through actions including socializing and eating with people when they pass by your home.

While the gameplay has remained unchanged to a large extent, you could expect a new dimension to the game such that you can take direct and third-person control of your sim, unlike the previous overhead moving and clicking view.

What new features would you love to see in The Sims 5 iteration? We love to know in the comments below.

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