The Sims 4 Latest Update Makes Game Dark!

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 21 Mar 2022
The Sims 4 Latest Update Makes Game Dark! Image

One of the most popular and expansive video game titles in the world, The Sims, has already had 4 mainline installments with 36+ expansion packs and 45+ DLCs. Although that’s an immense load of content, the game still lacks one thing – free NPC will. This “mistake” was fixed with the release of Neighborhood Stories expansion. Now all NPCs in the game can make their own decisions and encounter unpredictable twists of fate. But could anything go wrong? Read on to know.


Previously, the autonomy of The Sims 4 NPC included only automatic aging and natural death. No life-changing decisions related to NPC lives and households could be made. The recent update changes that completely. Now NPCs can decide to adopt kids, get pregnant, adopt pets, get new jobs and leave them, retire, and even move in and out of neighborhoods. All the actions are mainly influenced by the Sims’ traits. What is more, sims can now die in all sorts of accidents based on risk factors of their traits, jobs, and age. Most of the actions done by NPCs can be tracked via the mailbox that will notify you about important updates of your neighbors’ lives. 

What If You Hate It?

Many players have reported that they don’t like the update as it can be disturbing at times. For such cases, developers included an option to fine-tune the expansion or even to turn it off completely. Besides, the update is available free of charge for all owners of the game to make it less frustrating for those who don’t like the changes. That’s a very wise move, but it’s not typical for EA at all.

Another Metaverse

Now that The Sims 4 becomes a polygon for realism tests and The Sims 5 is officially confirmed, we can only wait to see what Maxis and EA have for us. Do you think the Neighborhood Stories realism goes to the upcoming game? Do you like it in The Sims 4? Tell us what you think and don’t forget to share this update with your friends!

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