The Clubhouse App Continues to Take Over the World

  • Oliver Michael
  • 11 Jun 2021
The Clubhouse App Continues to Take Over the World Image

Introduced for iOS devices back in March 2020, the Clubhouse app continues to evolve and gain more followers every single day. The launch of the app coincided with the early stages of the pandemic and it gained over 600,000 users by the end of last year. Just recently, in May, it has also been extended to Android, so the users of these smartphones no longer have to feel left out.

Initially, the app was designed as a provider of podcasts called ‘Talkshow,’ but it got rebranded soon after. When it comes to the features, Clubhouse offers virtual rooms in which users can talk to one another via audio. There are different types of rooms based on the level of privacy, so you either need an invitation or you can join an open room whenever you want. Each room includes the stage, others in the room, and the speakers sections.

When it comes to the new additions, there are some changes coming up. While the actual app has been invite-only, the developers mentioned that it won’t be soon. Also, there are plans to support more languages in the app, which will surely attract even more users.

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