Take-Two Interactive Closes GTA: San Andreas Mod

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 07 Sep 2021
Take-Two Interactive Closes GTA: San Andreas Mod Image

Despite the fact that modders spent 6 years creating GTA: Underground, the mod for GTA: San Andreas, game developers shut it down. Take-Two forced modders to close their creation. The owner of Rockstar Games increased the legal pressure on the team of modders.

The mod GTA Underground was created for the fifth in the row GTA game San Andreas. It united all the maps of GTA games into one open world. Apart from that, the creators of Underground decided to go further and used the maps of Manhunt and Bully, games developed by Rockstar, outside of the GTA world. Apparently, Take-Two Interactive did not like the idea. During the last few months, this company continued to fight for copyright justice, forcing modders to shut down their projects.

The main developer of the new mod, dkluin, confirmed that they are going to cancel Underground. In the official statement, modders stated that they have to shut down the mod because of the hostility and threats to their financial well-being and mental health. All uploads will be sent offline in the next few days.

Players believe that the rising pressure on everyone who somehow violates copyright rules can be explained by the upcoming GTA Remastered Trilogy. Take-Two does not share any information about it. Underground is not the first or only one mod that was recently shut. Take-Two recently sued modders who worked in GTA 3 and Vice City. Although the team did not steal any codes or copyright assets and worked with ports like Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, and Wii U, unusable by Rockstar, Take-Two made its move. Without the mode, owners of these platforms can’t get access to the game. Modders also fixed major bugs in the game.

Rumors say that Take-Two is planning to release a remastered trilogy that includes GTA San Andreas, GTA 3, and Vice City. There is a chance that it will be released on Switch as well, while Wii U and PS Vita owners will still be out of luck. This rumor explains the aggressive behavior of Take-Two towards the creative fans of GTA.

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