Snapchat Tries to Become a Priority to Creators

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 21 Nov 2022
Snapchat Tries to Become a Priority to Creators Image

Despite all the efforts and innovations of Snapchat, the creators still do not consider it a priority platform for the development of their content and earnings. In the previous year and this year, the mobile messaging app introduced many features and earning opportunities for creators. But many of them continue to favor big platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Snapchat has been hard at work this year to attract more content creators. Its major projects include: Creator Masterclass in Stockholm, implementing mid-roll ads in Snap Star Public Stories, and Director Mode. The Sounds Creator Fund was created to develop talented sound creators and reward the best of them with monthly grants (about $118,872). Snapchat also established the $120K Black Creator Accelerator Program to provide $10,000 monthly support to 25 unknown black creators for a year. The Creator Hub was also launched last October.

We can't say that Snapchat does little to attract and retain creators. But it seems that this is still not enough, as many authors do not consider the platform as their main source of income. Creator Ty Price, for example, has never made Snapchat his top priority, and is more focused on YouTube and TikTok. He previously valued the $1 million Spotlight Creator pot. When payments dried up, many creators left Snapchat in 2021.

The messaging app has had more monetization options since last year. Despite this, the creators also point out the weak points of the app. Among these are insufficient events, communication difficulties between creators and reps, and poor content discoverability. One of the main problems is that the authors do not understand how each clip will work. Apparently, Snapchat will have to implement more progressive features and motivational programs. So far, the platform is not perceptible enough to compete with the big players.

Do you have favorite Snapchat creators or do you prefer other platforms?

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