Snapchat Celebrates International Friendship Day with Special Friends Story

  • Oliver Michael
  • 29 Jul 2023
Snapchat Celebrates International Friendship Day with Special Friends Story Image

Snapchat is marking International Friendship Day, which falls on Sunday, July 30th, with a unique feature that showcases users' closest friends and interactions within the app. The limited-time special Friends Story offers a personalized throwback for users, allowing them to commemorate the day with their closest connections. This special Story, created exclusively for the user and their best friends, can be accessed with a simple swipe up from the camera.

Along with the special Story, users can also look forward to advice from the internet's best friend and Snapchat Snap Star, Tinx. She will offer valuable tips on being a better friend and fostering stronger relationships through direct interaction and active engagement. The addition of Tinx's advice to the mix adds a layer of authenticity and helpfulness, making the celebration even more special for the app's users.

Snapchat has evolved into an essential tool for connecting with friends, with its refined focus on fostering close connections and maintaining relationships. The app has seen phenomenal growth, with a user base now boasting 397 million daily users. Despite facing stiff competition from Meta, which replicated Stories on Instagram, Snapchat has managed to not only survive but thrive. This success is credited to the app's relentless focus on facilitating connections between friends, which has allowed it to carve out and solidify its own niche.

Users of Snapchat are incredibly active, creating over 5 billion Snaps every day on average to express themselves, live in the moment, and share their unique perspectives. Moreover, they relish keeping in touch by calling their friends and reminiscing about their favorite memories together. The app’s statistics reveal that Snapchatters spend more than 900 million minutes each day on average chatting and sharing their favorite memories with friends an average of 280 million times a day. These numbers underline the central role Snapchat plays in the lives of its users and its significance as a connective tool within the broader social media landscape.

To underscore this role, Snapchat's Friendship Day Story aims to highlight and celebrate the close connections users have fostered on the platform. This feature not only adds another layer of personalization to the app's offerings but also reinforces Snapchat's commitment to being a platform that values and promotes close personal connections. As such, it serves as a poignant reminder of the app's distinctive place within the social media sphere and underscores its importance in fostering and maintaining meaningful relationships.

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