Save Fuel and Nature With Google Maps

  • Oliver Michael
  • 20 Jul 2022
Save Fuel and Nature With Google Maps Image

Google Maps is a great navigation app, and it is nice to know that such a big company still thinks about the environment. Not so long ago, the developers released a feature that helps drivers choose the most energy-efficient route, so you can save both fuel and nature around you.

The recent news supports the idea that Google Maps will also work on additional routes for electric vehicles because their engines differ from internal combustion engines in other cars. Unfortunately, not all roads can be convenient for different vehicles, so it is necessary to remember the actual differences in various types of engines.

The option is still unavailable to users, but it was spotted somewhere in the app’s code. Maybe it is still under development, but it gives hope to many drivers with electric or hybrid engines. It is crucial to always remember what world we live in, and the current environment needs help from us. Building a route from points A to B should be wise and considerate.
The efficiency of different engines has long been proven, so the last steps should be about implementing that knowledge into our culture. The number of electric vehicles in the US has been becoming extremely high, but most roads and maps still don’t have a solution for the fuel-saving route for such cars. Moreover, you can get up to 2,000 toll roads from Google if you are an Android or iOS user from Indonesia, the US, India, and Japan.

Google Maps is currently working on many updates, which seem quite crucial. We will expect more comments from the company about the biggest changes in the app. Soon enough, you can choose the most fuel-efficient route for your car worldwide.

Do you often use a fuel-efficient route?

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