Problems With YouTube TV All Around the World

  • Oliver Michael
  • 24 Nov 2021
Problems With YouTube TV All Around the World Image

Holidays are near, and all of the families unite in their households to connect and spend an evening in front of a TV. A lot of people prefer now online services to the usual cable TV, but it seems that Thanksgiving could be facing some problems as YouTube TV started to freeze on a lot of devices.

There were reported several cases of YouTube TV app crashing in the middle of its work on different smart TV platforms. To reset it, users had to exit the app and restart it from the menu. These issues appeared on streaming boxes (Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and so), smart TVs (Sony, LG, Samsung), and game consoles (Xbox One, PS5, PS4). Despite this, users didn’t notice any troubles on their phones and tablets.

First reports came from Roku users and then continued to spread all over others platforms. Roku devices happen to have quite a lot of difficulties with YouTube TV, and since the usual process of removing this issue would be deleting and reinstalling the app, a lot of users are really annoyed with the current state of things.

YouTube TV app has been temporarily banned on Roku platforms because the companies have a hard time coming to an agreement. Google is trying to deal with the problem and find a way to let its users access the TV through standard YouTube app. This won’t be for long though, as Roku is striving to remove the YouTube app till next month.

But don’t get too worried! The reports about this problem have been gradually receding, which can only mean that Google is on the way to dealing with this unpleasant issue. Soon, you will be able to peacefully enjoy Thanksgiving with your family watching YouTube TV on your smart TV.

Has this problem affected you? How do you think Google will deal with this crisis? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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