Pokémon Unite: How to Transfer Progress?

  • Oliver Michael
  • 24 Sep 2021
Pokémon Unite: How to Transfer Progress? Image

Now you are able to transfer your in-game progress from Nintendo Switch to your phone and vice versa in Pokémon Unite. Let’s see how it can be done.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Mobile. If you have a Pokémon Trainer Club Account connected to a Nintendo Account, simply log in to it from your phone.
  • Switch. Connect your mobile version of the game to the Nintendo Account. Then, log into the game from your Switch.

Once the synchronization is successful, the entire in-game data will also be in full sync. The only nuance that you should avoid is trying to link an updated mobile version of the game.

In case your mobile Pokémon Unite hasn’t gotten any patches lately, syncing the games will result in a mishap. 

Speaking of updates. Recently, Pokémon Unite saw a major patch. Apart from linking the mobile accounts, it also offers an item enhancer concept, which allows upgrading them to level 30. 

There is also a collection of newly held items, Unite squads, in which trainers and squadmates operate side-by-side, new Spectator mode features, and a caboodle of cosmetic items available through the second battle pass.

The studio promises to add more Pokémons in the future — at the moment, there’s a humble crowd of 21 critters that you can catch and tame. 

In case you’ve missed its premier, Pokémon Unite is a battle arena game, in which you compete with other real players. The battle format includes two teams of 5v5 Pokémon masters striving to defeat each other.

The mobile ports for Android and iOS were released on September 22 — you can download and link the game to your Switch right away. 

Nintendo claims to listen to player’s feedback closely in the PU newsletter. Which changes would you like to see? Which Pokémons need to make it to the game’s roster asap? Let us know the comments! 

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