Players Want Apex Legends Mobile Feature on More Platforms

  • Oliver Michael
  • 28 Feb 2022
Players Want Apex Legends Mobile Feature on More Platforms Image


The mobile feature in Apex Legends was highly reviewed by players around the world. Now they are asking developers to provide the same option for console and PC. During the last years, Apex Legends continue to attract audiences with more features. It evolved from a mediocre newcomer in the battle royale genre to one of the top games in its genre.

Players can easily compare the game to such giants as Call of Duty: Warzone or Fortnite. Developers continue to improve it, providing new features. It does not seem like Apex Legends will relax and slow down soon. There are more seasons to come, more ports, a wide range of possibilities for players, and collaborations. According to rumors, they are planning to release an animated series, watching the success of their rivals League of Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile version continues to spread around the countries. Players who already received access to the game consider it as the new step for Apex. There is a feature that fans want to see in the PC and console versions.

Let's acknowledge that the servers of Apex Legends leave much to be desired. While each season seems to improve, players who are disconnected often face long wait times to rejoin the game. The addition of a reconnect feature could potentially resolve this issue, but it leaves all the characters idle and vulnerable until every player has returned. In a game where any threat can eliminate you, this poses a substantial risk. The Mobile version has improved features. Players are able to control the allies that are disconnected until they return. You receive a chance to escape the terrible death of your character while you can’t log in. Now the audience demands the same feature for all Apex Legends versions.

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