New Popular Game Arrives on PlayStation Plus; So Far, in Trial Mode Only

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 16 Oct 2022
New Popular Game Arrives on PlayStation Plus; So Far, in Trial Mode Only Image

One of the best new features PlayStation Plus subscription received in 2022 is the inclusion of timed demos. With them, subscribers can try new games without having to actually buy them. And now, PlayStation Plus is delivering one of the most acclaimed and awaited titles of the year – Dying Light 2: Stay Human, though, of course, in trial mode.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a sequel to the highly popular Dying Light, an instant classic of survival horror. The second installment is not as high-rated as the original, yet the rates are still very high, and most players are satisfied with its dark postapocalyptic experience. So if you like adventure games, horror, survival, or postapocalyptic setting, this game is definitely worth a shot.

The demo is provided by Techland, the publisher of the series. With this demo, subscribers of PlayStation Plus can play the game for three hours. The demo is available on both PlayStation 4 and 5, which lets it reach as large an audience as possible – though, of course, those on PS5 will enjoy the full visual splendor of it. In addition, it’s only available to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers: those with Essential or Extra will not have even this short preview.

If after playing the demo you decide to purchase the full version, your progress from the demo version will be saved seamlessly. There won’t be much of it, given how long this game is, with its open world and insane missions. Still, it’s another motivation to go further in your exploration of the last big city you’ll encounter. If you had some unpleasant experience with bugs right after the release, you can be sure that most of them are already fixed.

Have you already played Dying Light 2? What do you think about this game? What other worthy titles can you recommend from the PlayStation Plus list? Let’s drop some names in the comments!

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