New Adobe 3D Content Creation Tools Launched

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 22 Oct 2022
New Adobe 3D Content Creation Tools Launched Image

Adobe has recently launched a group of software programs focused on making 3D digital object creation as effortless as it can be. Wondering about the target fields for the tools? It’s simple: online gaming, promotional strategies, and the metaverse. Keep reading for details.

Adobe has long been the leading player on the 2-dimensional content creation scene. These days, however, the company is investing largely in 3D content tools. That’s mostly because this type of content will dominate in the metaverse, the virtual universe that Meta has high hopes for in terms of potentially major revenue flows. 

Everyone knows that 3D objects are hard for experts to create. The process is challenging and highly time-consuming, as well. With that in mind, Adobe has rolled out two services developed for the purpose of speeding up this process — and generally making it a lot easier than before. Oh well, the tech world is ever-dynamic and always in motion.

Dubbed 3D Capture, one of the named Adobe tools, allows you to take several pictures of real-life objects with almost any dedicated device — and then merge them seamlessly into a 3D object. Voilà! The tool is groundbreaking, for it will allow you, for instance, to try the stuff on in the virtual world in order to understand how it looks on your real-life figure. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Another similar-purpose tool rolled out by Adobe grants you the possibility to transfer from desktop 3D object customization to manual (well, sort of) customization in an augmented reality headset. This tool will be super useful for errorlessly designing vehicles, household units, and other vital real-world objects. So, what are your thoughts on the aforedescribed tools? What’s your overall opinion on metaverse? Have your say in the comments below. We value your feedback greatly.

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