Meta Searches for New Ad Monetization for Instagram Reels

  • Oliver Michael
  • 17 Oct 2022
Meta Searches for New Ad Monetization for Instagram Reels Image

Reels has become the biggest growth driver form both Instagram and Facebook video content, and Meta acknowledges it in the most convincing way – by implementing new Reels-based ad options. On October 4, Meta announced some new methods of advertising that will probably become an integral part of our Reels experience soon.

The most noticeable one will be a post-loop ad. If you watch a Reels video in the looped mode, the ad will appear between the plays as a video 4-10 seconds long. It will be skippable, but, short as it is, sometimes it will be easier just to let it play through and rewatch the original content.

Another ad option is a carousel that contains up to 10 images (with links, of course) and is located at the bottom of the video. These carousels will be scrollable horizontally, so if you are interested in what’s advertised you can scroll through them while watching the Reels video. Ads will also appear on the “Explore” tab on Instagram. Finally, there will be ads that open direct chats, so you can immediately communicate with the merchants without leaving Reels.

Though it will result in less viewing time spent on content and more on ads, Meta hopes this will keep the creators more motivated. So, you will get more quality content on topics of your interest, and creators will be rewarded with ad money (as well as Meta itself, of course).

Now the new formats are being tested, so they are very close to implementation. Prepare to see these ads in your Reels feed which will look much more TV-like with these ads. Let’s hope that due to new targeting system (that’s also been announced by Meta recently) the ads will be more relevant.

What do you think about these potential ad channels? Will they ruin your experience, or dies it look tolerable? As a creator, which of them do you consider the most lucrative? Tell us what you think down here in the comments section!

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