Meta Has Added A New Calls Tab for Messenger on Both Android And iOS

  • Oliver Michael
  • 09 Jun 2022
Meta Has Added A New Calls Tab for Messenger on Both Android And iOS Image

A new convenient Calls tab is already available for Messenger users. Both iOS and Android users can already check out the updated interface and check out its functionality. This tab will store information about every call you have ever made in the application, and they can now be accessed with one click. The update will also be useful for those users who do not use calls regularly. Now the application will conveniently remind you to make a call while exchanging text messages with other users.
The year 2014 was when Facebook clearly separated the main application and the messaging app, making a separate application for each one. The appearance of Messenger was supposed to bring more originality and make this part of Facebook a full-fledged functional element. Then, in 2015, it became possible to make video calls, after which the ability to communicate via Messenger with Instagram users was added. The latest major update made it possible to create group chats between different applications.
The messenger is constantly being improved, adding more and more features for users. So, @everyone tag allows you to notify each chat participant about your message, and /silent switch allows you to avoid disturbing others with notifications about your message.
The use of Messenger has grown significantly in recent years. Today the number of video and audio calls is 40% greater than 2 years ago. Every day, more than 300 million calls are made in the app. And although the competition among such applications is very high, there is every reason to believe that Messenger will be relevant and in demand for many years.
Do you use Messenger? How often do you make video and audio calls? Please share your opinion below.


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