Meet New Social Network Without Ads

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 23 Jul 2021
Meet New Social Network Without Ads Image

The developers Michael Donohue and Neeraj Arora, who helped create WhatsApp, are launching their own application, which is a hybrid of a social network and a messenger. The new project was named HelloApp. The creators sought to bring communication to the fore, not the social component. In general, the developers position their product as an antidote to social networks. So it would be correct to call it "a service."

If you have used WhatsApp at least once, then you can easily understand this application. Some of their functions are very similar. For example, to find a person, you need to know their phone number. All chats in HelloApp are based on your notebook. Besides, there is a minimum of user-generated content since the developers do not want to turn their product into the next copy of Facebook or another social network. Also, there are no recommendations, data collection, and advertising. It is a huge plus for those who have gotten tired of a bunch of information.

At the moment, the app has a very minimalistic design and consists of four main tabs: settings, messages from your contacts, group, and private chats. You can form groups with users who have already been added to your smartphone's notebook and have conversations similar to WhatsApp. If none of your friends are on HelloApp, you can invite them to join the service, and then you get the opportunity to watch each other's posts, respond to them, and comment on them.

Considering their previous experience with Facebook, the developers tried to make a product that would not have such annoying things as unamusing recommendations and crowds of strangers on your page. Their app aims to bring families and close friends together. The HelloApp service is already available for download from the App Store or Google Play.

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