May 2021 Best Mobile Games

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 03 Jun 2021
May 2021 Best Mobile Games Image

May is over, and we can finally share the list of our favorite mobile titles of the month! Below are the most immersive games you can play on the go on your smartphone. We played each of them for many hours, and the emotions are still fresh! 

1. Sky Warriors: Air Clash – Free on Android 

If you are a fan of shooting and aircraft simulators, such as Ace Combat on PC, you will love this one. In Sky Warriors: Air Crash, you can control a realistic combat plane. You have to complete multiple missions along with a team of other aviators who decided to fight for freedom in a world that’s about to end. This great action-packed game will rock your phone. 

2. The Spike – Free on iOS and Android

Anime about athletes is a phenomenon. Japanese anime and manga makers manage to create incredibly thrilling graphical stories, after which you can’t wait to start exercising as much as the characters. The Spike is a volleyball-focused simulator set in this inspiring anime stylistic. You will love it if you’re a fan of volleyball, anime, or both. 

3. Bionix – Free on Android

Remember Spore? Well, Bionix is based on the same idea and lets you create your creature and grow it by casing and eating DNA, various cells, and other microorganisms. The game accurately simulates underwater organisms’ lives and shows how evolution looked like before the first fish stepped out of the water. The game looks amazing and has a deep relaxing soundtrack that will help you stay in the game for hours. The game may look simple at first sight, but it’s wonderful in its simplicity. 

4. Real Archery 2021 – Free on iOS & Android 

Real Archery 2021 is an immersive 1st person shooter that simulates realistic bow shooting. It lets you feel yourself a real archer and train to shoot targets at different distances. The cool thing is that all the game levels are located in other parts of the world, including Paris, Pisa, Rome, London, and more. There’s no plot or style, just real shooting, so the game plays well no matter what type of player you are. 

5. Cosmic Challenge Racing – Free on iOS & Android

Cosmic Challenge Racing offers a thrilling experience reminiscent of Mario Kart but sets the action in the vast expanse of space, adding to the exhilaration. Despite its impressive graphics, the game is optimized to run smoothly on most devices, not demanding too much memory and maintaining high frame rates. The game's platform includes a variety of thrilling space racing tracks, alongside the ability to design your own courses. Engaging in races on your custom tracks with a friend online is a great way to relax and have fun, especially during a commute. Additionally, Cosmic Challenge Racing is available at no cost and features minimal advertising interruptions.

New List Soon!

You probably won’t have enough time to complete all these games before we make the list of the best games of June. Isn’t it great to have a phone full of fantastic games all the time? Stay tuned, and we’ll provide you with a good portion of entertainment every month. Which game from our list will you try first, by the way? You can reply in the comments and share our top list with friends!

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