Kaspersky Stopped 5.8M Hacker Attacks on Gamers

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 02 Sep 2021
Kaspersky Stopped 5.8M Hacker Attacks on Gamers Image

Kaspersky Lab has released a report on prevented threats during the pandemic. Company representatives analyzed user data from January 2020 to June 2021, identified the most common hacker methods and types of malware.

Scammers often used computer games such as Minecraft, PUBG, GTA 5, The Sims 4, and Fortnite. The attacks on mobile devices were carried out through Minecraft and Among Us, as well as via the PUBG portable version. The developers concluded that hackers took advantage of the fact that gamers often looked for bootleg versions of popular projects, free add-ons, mods, skins, and more.

During the lockdown period, the number of illegal software users increased and, accordingly, scammers worldwide. Gamers were led by proposals to install programs that supposedly allowed them to get full versions of games. For example, Kaspersky told about the Swarez Dropper program, which collected data from crypto wallets, browsers, and other apps. Speaking of mobile devices, Minecraft is the leader in terms of threat numbers. Players downloaded infected versions and mods, as well as applications from digital stores that illegally use this brand. Such software contains unwanted ads and viruses such as Trojans.

Separately, Kaspersky, in its report, mentioned phishing in the form of online generators of in-game currencies, free points, contests with valuable skins, fake sites, and more. All of this was aimed at ensuring that players install malware, enter confidential information, and provide data from their accounts. Often, inexperienced users are unable to identify real platforms and phishing resources. Kaspersky representatives recalled the need to use two-factor authentication, legal anti-virus software, follow safe links only, check website addresses, and regularly update programs

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