Influencers from Russia and Ukraine Use TikTok

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 02 Mar 2022
Influencers from Russia and Ukraine Use TikTok Image

While Chinese-owned TikTok is trying to stay neutral as much as possible, the network appeared right in the middle of the war. The company still did not make an official comment and clarify its position towards Russian aggression in Ukraine. Instead, it provided the space for Ukrainian and Russian influencers to speak out.

TikTok was flooded with videos from the war. While the company does not comment on everything, it also does not delete videos from Ukraine, which reveals the true situation in this one peaceful country. Users speak up against the Russian dictator there. Both Ukrainian and Russian users join the protest against the violence in Ukraine. If influencers once used to be considered vain, the war that is happening in Ukraine right now proved that they are a helpful tool to translate the truth.

Many Russian influencers became the only possibility for the Russian population to speak up against the war since they can’t be heard by the government. They disagree with Putin who brought the country to the war. At the same time, Ukrainian influencers are risking their lives to show the real picture, documenting the horrible attacks and the war that is going on there.

Influencers are not the only people in Russia who oppose the war. The daughter of Putin’s press secretary also shared the message “No to war” before deleting it quickly. Popular Russian celebrities share posts “No to War” on their social media. Russian journalists and fashion designers, singers, and actors continue to oppose their president’s desire to conquer Ukraine. They are incredibly angry and confused by this unexpected decision that already took many Ukrainian and Russian lives.

What are your thoughts about TikTok silence? Do you support their neutral position? You can share your ideas in the comments.

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