Hurry Up to Enjoy NBC Content on YouTube TV

  • Xavier Thomas
  • 29 Sep 2021
Hurry Up to Enjoy NBC Content on YouTube TV Image

The YouTube TV service is designed for watching cable TV online. You can enjoy TV series, shows, and news not only live but also at any time convenient for you. Although many companies join this platform, some prefer, on the contrary, to leave in search of better terms. More recently, it became known that NBC Universal will soon cease to be available to subscribers due to a conflict with Google.

According to network representatives, 14 channels might disappear from YouTube TV, including NBC, USA, Telemundo, SyFy, Bravo, and other lesser-known titles. You can learn more about the conflict reasons and the company's position on the specially created website NBC urges its viewers to influence the situation as much as possible and not let the listed channels disappear. If you want to change providers, you will find a link on the same site, and you can also talk to YouTube TV support via chat.

Besides, NBC Universal has published an official statement in the public domain. It demands more fair rates from Google to extend the contract and accuses its unwillingness to make concessions. As known, both companies' representatives have already begun negotiations, but they were interrupted because NBC is demanding an increase in its content cost. Google has confirmed that their previous contract expires on September 30th, and a new one has never been awarded. The subscription price will be reduced to $55 monthly (that's $10 less than before) to compensate for the loss of large entertainment channels for users.

For its part, Google representatives demanded the same rates from NBC that other services receive from it for similar products. They explained that if they make concessions and increase the cost of content, as NBC asks, the price of YouTube TV will become uncompetitive. However, Google also said they still hope to find a solution to this issue and intend to continue negotiations. They also suggest that customers check out Peacock, NBC's streaming service. As you can imagine, it is an uncharacteristic step from competitors.

Of course, NBC isn't the only company whose channels you can watch on YouTube TV. This platform features more than 80 various options:

  • Comedy Central;
  • Paramount Network;
  • Animal Planet;
  • HGTV;
  • Cartoon Network;
  • CNN, and much more.

Please share your thoughts on the topic. What do you think about this conflict? Which side are you on?

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