How PlayStation Plus Needs to Evolve in 2023 to Compete with Xbox Game Pass

  • Oliver Michael
  • 13 Jan 2023
How PlayStation Plus Needs to Evolve in 2023 to Compete with Xbox Game Pass Image

The gaming industry is ever-changing and evolving. It’s no secret that subscription services have taken the gaming world by storm, and Xbox Game Pass has been at the forefront of this revolution. Ever since its launch in 2017, it has become a staple for gamers everywhere, offering an ever-growing library of games for a low monthly fee. Its success has been undeniable, but Sony has been attempting to catch up with its own subscription service—PlayStation Plus (PS Plus).

PS Plus has been around for much longer than Game Pass, having launched in 2010. In the years since, it has seen some improvements, such as the introduction of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium, game trials, and an ever-growing library of titles. But even with these improvements, it still lags far behind Game Pass when it comes to content and value. This is why it’s so important that Sony makes some big changes to PS Plus in 2023 if it hopes to be competitive with Game Pass.

The first and most important change Sony needs to make is to the pricing structure. Currently, PS Plus is priced at $59.99 for a year of access, while Game Pass is priced at $9.99 per month. This is a huge discrepancy in price, and it’s hard to justify paying almost six times as much for PS Plus when Game Pass offers so much more content. Sony needs to lower the price of PS Plus in order to make it more competitive and appealing to gamers.

The second change Sony needs to make to PS Plus is to the content library. Currently, PS Plus offers a few dozen titles per month, while Game Pass offers hundreds of titles. This is a huge advantage for Game Pass, and Sony needs to step up its game. It could do this by adding more exclusive titles, as well as more third-party titles. This would make PS Plus much more attractive to gamers, and it would help make it more competitive with Game Pass.

Finally, Sony needs to make sure that PS Plus is constantly evolving and improving. It needs to add new features and content on a regular basis, as well as offer discounts and other incentives to keep gamers subscribed. This is something that Game Pass does extremely well, and Sony needs to do the same if it hopes to compete.

All in all, if Sony wants to make PS Plus competitive with Game Pass, it needs to make some major changes in 2023. It needs to lower the price of the service, add more content, and constantly improve and evolve the service. If Sony can do this, it could very well become the leader in gaming subscription services.

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