Here Are the Most Popular Pokemon According to Data From Pokemon Unite

  • Oliver Michael
  • 22 Dec 2021
Here Are the Most Popular Pokemon According to Data From Pokemon Unite Image

Pokemon Unite has some of the most well-known Pokemon ever introduced in the 25-year history of the franchise. Additional Pokemon have been introduced since the game was released earlier this year. Recent statistics obtained from some Master Rank players in the game have revealed their preferred Pokemon.

Since the game's first release in July, the roster has grown to include over 30 Pokemon, including staples such as Blastoise and Charizard, as well as newer Pokemon like Greedent and Talonflame. A new update to Dragonite also threw the Pokemon's balance off, with some being nerfed, including two of the most powerful Pokemon, Gardevoir and Tsareena. In a recent post, a Reddit user who goes by the nick “duelaxis”, and is well-known for his expertise in the Pokemon Unite community, presented a list of the most often used Pokemon among Master Rank players. He clearly explains the top 10 Pokemon used by 100 Master Rank players in the last 20 rated Pokemon matches in his post.

Below is the list of the most played Pokemon:

  • Lucario
  • Eldegoss
  • Venusaur
  • Wigglytuff
  • Tsareena
  • Greninja
  • Gardevoir
  • Greedent
  • Talonflame
  • Mr. Mime

As you can see from the list above, Lucario is at the top, followed by Mr. Mime. Tsareena, who was just introduced to the list, has risen to 5th rank thanks to the buffs in its release patch, while Gardevoir has risen to 7th. Aside from the introduction of Gardevoir and Tsareena, the top 10 Pokemon on the list stayed essentially the same. However, the 11th to 20th places were affected, and there was a significant alteration with several major Pokemon positions being reshuffled. This reshuffling was mostly due to nerfs introduced by the previously-stated update.

Which pokemon is your favorite? And what do you think of the update? Please leave your opinions in the comment.

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