Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Long-Waited Update

  • Oliver Michael
  • 31 Aug 2021
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Long-Waited Update Image

By popular demand from gamers, Square Enix has finally released the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered update that everyone has been waiting for. From August 31st, users can connect gamepads to play on mobile devices. It is something that has been needed since the launch of this edition in early 2020. Controller support provides more control flexibility and makes the game more comfortable to play. In the end, the original was released specifically for consoles and involved the use of gamepads.

While it is the most anticipated news, it is not the only innovation added to the game with the latest update. Users are also able to save their progress in the cloud. Besides, the updated version contains a UI help screen and layout customization option, as well as improved Limit Break controls. Depending on your play style, you can choose between touch controls or a gamepad.

While iOS and Android users are already trying new features, not all Chromebook owners can do it. The fact is that FFVII Remastered is only compatible with some Chromebook models. Whether Square Enix plans to adapt the game for more laptops and tablets is still unknown.

As a reminder, Final Fantasy VIII is one of the best parts of the franchise, and fans have been eagerly awaiting its ports to devices of new generations. The developers released the game’s mobile version in March 2021, unexpectedly for everyone. The latest edition visually differed from the original: the models of characters, enemies, objects surrounding them, and so on were improved. Moreover, features such as 3x Speed, Battle Assist, and the opportunity to enable/disable Battle Encounters have been added. In general, the game looks good on portable devices, and with the addition of gamepad support, it becomes even more convenient to play it.

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