Fall Guys Made It to Guinness World Record

  • Oliver Michael
  • 27 Sep 2021
Fall Guys Made It to Guinness World Record Image

A fun and provocatively bright game from the Mediatonic company jumped to the Guinness World Record. Almost immediately after its release in 2020, it became incredibly popular among users worldwide. Now the developers announced on their Twitter that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become the most downloaded project on PS Plus for the entire existence of this platform. After the appearance of this game on the service, it was available to all subscribers for free.

At the same time, Steam representatives reported that, on average, about 10,000 participants played the game every day in August and September. It is also a pretty impressive indicator. As a reminder, Fall Guys are currently only available on PC and PS4. It is also slated for release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Series X/S this year, but no exact dates have been announced yet.

Anyone who has never played it should definitely give it a try. It is a fun mixture of platform and battle royale genres. The participants (up to 60 people) run through various obstacle courses, collide with each other, clumsily climb over fences, and roll down slides. As in all mass battles, the main task is to survive, that is, to reach the finish line first.

Each session is divided into several rounds, which are presented in the form of mini-games with specific tasks. Those who have not coped with them are eliminated from the race. The fun continues until one participant remains. To diversify the game, the developers have divided it into seasons. Now it’s the fifth season of jungle adventures. As expected, several themed levels and unique skins in which you can dress up your character were added.

Share your opinion about the game in the comments, please. Do you play it? What are your expectations for next season? Do you think it really deserves to be included in the Guinness World Record?

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