Developers of Among US VR Will Have to Improve Their Safety Features

  • Oliver Michael
  • 06 Jan 2022
Developers of Among US VR Will Have to Improve Their Safety Features Image

A lot of dedicated Among Us fans are excited to dive into the world of VR. While it’s definitely a great idea to bring out the game in the new format, it is also important to take proper care of the safety features. The announcement regarding Among Us VR comes from the Game Awards 2021 and the game is currently in development for Steam VR, MetaQuest, and PSVR. 

Among Us was first released in 2018, but the true popularity came to the game during the first restrictions of the pandemic. The game has become a go-to entertainment for people who wanted to spend time with their families and friends online and have fun. Since then, the developers provided a number of updated and expanded the universe of the game. One of the latest developments has to do with virtual reality. While the studio has already worked on enhancing the safety features in the game, bringing this game to VR means that even better security has to be in place.

Among Us is a social game and sometimes when you want to play, you may not have enough people for the team. In this case, players are offered public lobbies where they can play with others from all over the world. The players are chosen randomly, so you never know whether strangers have good intentions or if they are in the right mood for the game.

Occasionally, you may stumble upon toxic players that are there to ruin the game, and the competitive nature of Among Us makes things heated. What complicates everything, even more, is that VR games often use verbal communication instead of typing as it is a lot more convenient. Harassing other players can become a real problem that may ruin the experience of playing Among Us. There are a lot of children playing the game and they can easily bypass age restrictions set up for VR games. Hopefully, developers find the best solution for the potential issues.

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