Collaboration of NASA and Epic Games in the Metaverse Project

  • Oliver Michael
  • 09 May 2022
Collaboration of NASA and Epic Games in the Metaverse Project Image

Such a promising collaboration of world-famous companies is a grandiose breakthrough for creating a unique experience of full immersion in research of Mars by using virtual reality. The development of virtual reality technology has given a powerful impetus to new interesting discoveries and research in other industries.

The most significant example is the field of scientific research, with NASA being fully aware of its potential. NASA emphasized in a recent statement, that it is partnering with Epic Games to challenge game developers around the world. The main objective of this partnership is to create the most reliable conditions for preparing for a potential trip to Mars. This challenge was released on the HeroX platform, which is designed to find solutions for special, unique projects.

The main target audience of the search for NASA is the developers of computer games, which is why Epic Games was chosen as a partner. Furthermore, developers will be using the brand-new Unreal Engine 5 when creating assets for NASA’s Mars XR environment.

Of course, not everything will have to be created from scratch. The MarsXR environment is replete with the tools you need to get started. MarsXR is a whole world with multi-kilometer terrain, realistic weather conditions, simulated Mars gravity, day/night cycles, as well as additional equipment including rovers and spacesuits.

The creations will be evaluated in 5 different categories: "Exploration," "Maintenance," "Scientific Research," "Set Up Camp," and "Impress Us." As a result, 20 unique prizes will be given out, 4 for each group. The total prize pool is $7,000. The overall winner in each of the 5 categories will earn $6,000. Also, you will have 80 days to develop your project.

Would you like to participate in such an interesting challenge? How much impact do you think developments of virtual reality will have on the development of space research? We will be glad to read your ideas and thoughts regarding this news in the comments below.

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